I Was Brainwashed By Tom Macdonald (And Now I'm Dumb)

2021.09.22 07:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW I Was Brainwashed By Tom Macdonald (And Now I'm Dumb)

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2021.09.22 07:31 LiterallyStonkler Fed statement to be scrutinised for latest signals on taper timing

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2021.09.22 07:31 DMonpoke Need invite to an Uxie raid plz

It’s the last of the trio I need and it looks like Uxie invites are on a serious decline. It’s 10:30pm for me so I miss a lot too I suppose.
Lvl 40 fc 1410 7528 1967
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2021.09.22 07:31 Wide_Alternative_551 (QC) Yeezy 350 Black 158Sir

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2021.09.22 07:31 Na-thanos Rutgers Players Arrested & Suspended From Team, Allegedly Did Drive-by With Paintball Guns & Shot People

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2021.09.22 07:31 o_O-JBL Talk about different tool set

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2021.09.22 07:31 OppositeLeader4203 Moksha in Odissi style performed by Manoranjan Pradhan and Japanese dancer Asako Takami( full video in comments).

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2021.09.22 07:31 throwaway52872962 cat basal tumor sudden changes (image)

hi, I have a 15 y/o cat who was diagnosed with a basal tumor on her chest. she has a grade 3 heart murmur so they said i should get an echocardiogram before i go into surgery in case she couldn't handle it. The surgery is in November because the cardiologist is booked until then
However a few days ago the tumor has started smelling very bad and started getting dark in the center. I told my vet and showed a picture when it started and they didn't act like it was an emergency so now I have ointment for her to hopefully help.
As of tonight there's a big hole in the mass, it's completely uncovered. It's wet on the inside. I don't know what to do because the vet doesn't seem to be that worried about the smell or that she's been in pain still, as if this is normal for her condition. I've expressed a lot of worries about having to wait that long but they don't seem to feel this is an emergency situation and she needs it removed now. I'm not an expert and I've been cautioned a lot against moving her into surgery without being sure but I'm scared she won't make two months. I also don't have a lot of money so I can't take her to the vet every time i get worried, which is about every time anything looks slightly off, and i dont have my own car, but this is making me panic
I'll call my vet but they're closed now. should i go to the emergency vet? I'm really scared for her and no one seems to be taking it seriously
here is the mass now: (NSFW) https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/882690528699879454/890103580017709076/20210921_215811.jpg
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2021.09.22 07:31 Throwaway4772829293 How do I help my friend who is struggling?

I have a person in my life, who no exaggeration means the world to me. She disclosed some extremely dark information to me and I just do not know how to go about helping her. We had been drinking and she admitted to me that she considers herself addicted to drugs and that smoking and drinking are the only things that make her happy. She also told me she is convinced she will commit suicide at some point in the future (and that it won’t be anytime soon but within a matter of years) and that it is inevitable. Clearly this is extremely alarming to hear, and it is the first time it’s come up. She has never told anyone besides me this but she is being incredibly stuck in her ways about the whole thing. She has tried therapy and says it didn’t work for her, and will not try medication. So she has simply decided that her life will inevitably end in destruction at some point and she’s “accepted it”, in her own words. Like seems numb and nonchalant about the entire thing. It was emotional when we were drunk and it first came up but she has just been acting completely numb about it since. And she is laughing and acting happy like nothing is wrong but I can clearly see that she’s just hiding how she feels- and the scary thing is that she is doing a damn good job of it.
I obviously freaked out upon hearing this information and she tried to tell me that basically there is no way for me to fix it (along with a host of other things basically just trying to push me away). But the way I see it is, if she didn’t on SOME LEVEL want help and want it to change she wouldn’t have ever brought it up. It seems to me like the people that actually go through with killing themselves are the ones who never addressed it with anyone and it comes as a shock, or the ones that were ignored when they cried for help. And she isn’t in either of those categories right now. And I know that I can’t force her to do anything (therapy, meds) and that she has to want to do it for herself. But now what the fuck am I supposed to do? I have no clue if there is an immediate risk or not since I don’t believe she self harms or anything, but she told me to basically keep it to myself because she doesn’t wanna be known as “suicidal”. So now I’m freaking the fuck out and extremely anxious about this because I want to help her so badly but I don’t know where to start. Does anyone have ideas for things I could say to her that would make her want to get help? Or any steps to take at all? This really is weighing on me so heavily and I feel powerless.
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2021.09.22 07:31 Heel74 New Zealand Cops Arrest Men Entering Locked-Down City With ‘Large Amounts’ of Illicit KFC

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2021.09.22 07:31 katx_x important relationship bonding

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2021.09.22 07:31 Traditional_State_78 Help attachment came off in tray

I've had my invisalign for less than 24 hours and my 3rd time taking them out to eat and the attachment came off in my tray. I removed it using the hook thing tongue side from my back molars and made my way around. I still have 12 more attachments left, and apparently I don't need to go to my dentist just for 1 attachment.
Any advice
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2021.09.22 07:31 Sea_Section_4038 https://balyot.com/products/naruto-shippuden-funko-pop-curse-mark-saskue-739?_pos=1&_sid=19f488cfc&_ss=r

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2021.09.22 07:31 dlozi56 Gateless Gate

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2021.09.22 07:31 ResigningNormal Am I right?

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2021.09.22 07:31 xThe-Legend-Killerx This is promising especially coming from a team with “no fans”

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2021.09.22 07:31 Cryptonoob1978 $SDC is to $ATER/$BBIG as $CLOV was to $AMC and $XELA was to $SPRT.

Don’t get caught holding the bag. This is orchestrated. If you were one of the CLOV or XELA people recognize the pattern in yourself and remember how that felt. Revisit that moment that you thought you found something special, but then realized you didn’t when you watched AMC and SPRT rocket pass you. Don’t miss out on the premium tendies from real squeezes. *NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE
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2021.09.22 07:31 CandyKaBBOOMM Are people in Mosques Mosquitoes?

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2021.09.22 07:31 JadedSociopath Patricia Cornwell… I wasn’t impressed by Postmortem. Do they get better?

I’ve recently started reading fiction again after years off due to study commitments, and have been looking for well-written crime/noir authors.
I picked up a few Patricia Cornwell novels from a secondhand bookstore and just finished her first book, Postmortem. I wasn’t particularly impressed, and felt the writing was clunky, the characters two-dimensional, and the plot uninspired with a random rare medical condition thrown in which didn’t really impact the outcome.
I was surprised given her prolific output and popularity, but I understand that it’s her first novel. Do they get significantly better? Any other suggestions in a similar genre?
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2021.09.22 07:31 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 07:31 xnhchu Our guard’s uniforms this year!

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2021.09.22 07:31 ComfortableKey5324 Am I stuck in an obsession?

I've been daring this girl for a little over two years now. At first things were fine (as most relationships are) but as I got to know her better I found out she has been abused and is suffering with major mental health complications (anxiety, depression and suspected of BPD). This wasn't a problem for me, I was fine supporting her and helping her through her problems. About a year ago our relationship was shaky and I thought of cutting it off due her not being mentally stable to maintain it. We talked it through and decided to try again and work on things between us. We moved in together (because she had no where to go) and it did have a strain on the relationship as we worth both adjusting but in a couple of months things were good.. But two months ago old problems re-emerge and now this week we got in a 2 major fights over something minor (one was me spending to much time that day with friends/family and the other was about our living situation) and I thought again about of if I should continue. But we talked it through and everything is fine again. Until it hit me...
During our conversation she said she "doesn't want to lose me" now at first this seems small but then I remember from the earlier fight in the week she told me "I keep her life together". And now I'm starting to put some thing together. She always wants to be near me, touch me and talk to me. She even made me work similar hours and get the same days off work just so we could be together more. She gets jealous when I talk to other girls or they talk to me (even when I'm at work). Her jealousy gets to the point that when we got a dog she would get angry that a lot my attention would be taken from her. She gets irritated when I'm gone from the house too long even if we don't have any plans for the day. She is always worried about me to the point where she calls me 30 minutes after I'm supposed to be off work asking where I'm at. Everytime something bad happens she always thinks it is an instant breakup and always need reassurance the we will be together. That is Main things that brought me to this.
Now a lot of this could come down to her mental health issues but I'm wondering if those issues has caused her love to turn into an obsession.
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2021.09.22 07:31 J_Babe87 The king of Halloween, me, digital, 2021

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2021.09.22 07:31 nonefots101 I’m fine with how I look but am looking for confirmation.

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2021.09.22 07:31 lavirta "Ilona Raimas päätti keskeyttää opinnot yli­opistossa – Syynä on parjattu Sisu-opetus­järjestelmä, joka teki elämän aivan mahdottomaksi"

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