[Octane] [Black Octane: Thanatos] [Qilin Horns II] [Night Terror] [Centro]

2021.10.22 08:53 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Black Octane: Thanatos] [Qilin Horns II] [Night Terror] [Centro]

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2021.10.22 08:53 aranjones1994 The wonderful adults treehouse at Plas Newydd Welsh National Trust site Wales

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2021.10.22 08:53 jackanapes8 This guy chased me through parking lots and for an extra 3 miles cause when I passed them I yelled “Fuck Trump”. Classic can dish, can’t take snowflake

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2021.10.22 08:53 HealingOrca Good morning 💜

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2021.10.22 08:53 MysticMiri stable von Valentine ... endless chaos...?

what's going on in Valentine...? since yesterday the stable doors in Valentine are either closed or open, but when I ride in there is no one there and I can't buy anything... outside there is often a dead horse lying on the road right in front of the stable, very strange. Yesterday I was attacked (defensively) by a player when I was in the empty stable. What is going on in Valentine ?
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2021.10.22 08:53 smilelikeachow Feeling caged in by years of ennui, John had volunteered to be one of the first colonists on Mars as a means of finding himself.

Rushing into the Martian cave, his fellow colonists watched in horror as John beheaded the figure laying inside, before waving goodbye to them and crumbling away into dust.
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2021.10.22 08:53 stremphoenix SFV CE✨sekiganryu [Ryu] Vs Tokido [Urien]

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2021.10.22 08:53 02ofclubs SIB WWZ Aftermath?

So I already own WWZ on the Epic Game Store since they gave it away some time ago and now there's this coupon they are giving; so Aftermath + discount + coupon would be roughly 1/4 of the original price for me (I think prices vary depending on the country)
I'm wondering if really worth tho, that 1st person view it's what interest me since playing in 3rd was kinda meh. I like Left for Dead, I wouldn't say that it's on my top games, but it's fun to spend 1hr or so killing zombies, what's your thoughts about Aftermath?
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2021.10.22 08:53 Inevitable_Hat552 Things from Dance Moms that aged really well (and things that didn't)

  1. When Cathy said she heard Sia hated Abby, and Melissa and Abby claimed she was lying. Turns out that was very true.
  2. I think it was Holly who told Abby that if she kept pushing all the moms away, she would end up alone. Also Erin Babs said the same in season 5.
  3. Jess insisting that JoJo was marketable and had the right look and personality for LA. Then she literally became a multi-billion dollar brand.
  4. When Leslie said Kira/Kalani would use Abby's name, and Kira got upset, only for Kalani and the rest of the girls to end up leaving Abby.
  5. When Christi called out Abby's gaslighting of Maddie.
  6. All the times the moms called Mellisa fake. She literally gave an Oscar worthy performance pretending to give a damn about Abby for years, then dropped her like a hot potato the minute she didn't need her. I despise Abby, but damn, that was cold. This woman literally claimed Abby's mom was hers too and held her as she took her last breath. It must have been a total shock to Abby to realise she never cared at all.
  7. When Christi insisted Abby was sabotaging Chloe and some people denied it even with all the evidence available, then Abby straight up admitted it.
Things that didn't age well
  1. That CADC mom that said JoJo would never be a star. I'm sure it still haunts her today.
  2. Jill being so smug about her decision to go with Abby for Kendall's music. Then Abby got caught up in legal drama and refused to release a whole album recorded by Kendal. Jill literally needed to take legal action to leave Abby and never got the songs Kendall recorded.
  3. Abby making a big deal of Kira having an arrest record in season 5 not realising that just a year later, she would be facing an even worse situation herself. Also when she told Jill that if she kept bailing Kendall out of trouble, she would be bailing her out of jail, then ending up incarcerated herself.
  4. I love Chloe but when she said one day she would be as good as Sophia. Unfortunately the gap between them only widened as time went on.
  5. All the new moms who come in proudly supporting Abby, and proclaiming that Abby's 'tough love' works or that their kids can handle whatever Abby throws at them. Then their kids experience the ugly side of Abby and and they realise that Abby is abusive scum, not a tough coach. Examples - Jeanette, Jamie (Maesi's mom), and Ashley in season 8.
  6. Elliana acting horrified by the Last Dance but now displaying far more inappropriate behaviour on a regular basis and at a younger age. Not really applicable, but I just have to point out Ashlee's hypocrisy crying about how the girls looked like hookers and it was disgusting when her daughter had done equally scandalous Molly Long routines and combos, and posted it publicly for the world to see.
What else?
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2021.10.22 08:53 No_Emphasis_9643 Thoughts on the new update and U.I Overhaul

Well, tbh this update really changes the game with the new U.I. The U.I, imo looks like the Asphalt 9 U.I due to the buttons positioned and the U.I gives me some NFS Heat vibes so much tho! Next, my thoughts on the new cars. Its really cool to see another camaro being added to the game and its a mashup vehicle with Hennessy too! The other cars are cool but the new Lambo just gives me so much love to it. The new Dodge Demon body kit looks kinda weird imo. But if you disagree. I respect that. Well those are my thoughts on this new game-changing update. What are your opinions? Lemme know! ;)
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2021.10.22 08:53 lnstantKarma The Pub Where They Hanged Pirates

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2021.10.22 08:53 theblackstephcurry30 So it's my mates birthday celebrations this weekend. He's our expert nang cracker and enters his nang avatar state where he pumps out double nangs faster than the eye can see. Got this piece commissioned for him as a present and thanks for his services. Huge thanks to artdoni on fiverr!

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2021.10.22 08:53 Mondfliege I found the Matterhorn in Minecraft

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2021.10.22 08:53 N19864 We have to look out for each other. Protect the younger guys from our mistakes.

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2021.10.22 08:53 -Keep-Going- Alone in my head, all fucking day.

At work, I'm alone, stuck in my head for 10+ hours a day. It's driving me insane. I can't stand my thoughts at all. All they seem to want to do is kill me. Which is making it incredibly difficult to stay and work. But I can't lose this job and I've already taken a lot of time off. How can I deal with this? Any advice is welcome
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2021.10.22 08:53 gate18 Is this a good laptop: Apple Macbook Pro 15,4/i5-8257U/8GB Ram/256GB SSD/TouchBar/13"/Grey/B?

Apple Macbook Pro 15,4/i5-8257U/8GB Ram/256GB SSD/TouchBa13"/Grey/B

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2021.10.22 08:53 ordosalutis Some questions about linked bank accounts

I tried linking my account but the funds all say $0. Is this normal? Am I supposed to enter in the "starting balance" aka my current bank account balances, and then go from there? Do I have to reconcile?
And for linked bank accounts, every transaction that I make using my debit card or credit card, do they show up on YNAB and then I just put those transactions on the appropriate categories? Does it categorize automatically?
What about deposits? Do deposits come up too?
Thank you and sorry for silly questions
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2021.10.22 08:53 Over_Lingonberry_502 Hashtag Awkward

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2021.10.22 08:53 Vindicator909 What's causing rising fuel costs?

Does it have to do with supply chains in Capitalism?
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2021.10.22 08:53 Duplo93 DYNASTY WARRIOR 4 HYPER / WINDOWS 10

Hi guys , as the title suggests many of you will have already understood .. I bought the game for pc since I am a lover of the saga and this is the chapter that I liked the most of the series for ps2. Now the problems begin, I can't start the game because of that damn incompatibility problem, I've been looking for solutions on the internet for 1 week but I haven't found anything to help .. I ask you if there is a way to solve without changing your pc .. . thank you all
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2021.10.22 08:53 BooferShoes So hard to find legitimate case reviews

I’ve looked on at least 50 review websites for IPhone 13 Pro case reviews… I can’t find ONE legitimate review site, they are all commercials and two sentence descriptions for cases I’ve never heard of…. Of course with “buy here” links.
It’s the same with every review site for anything.
Does anyone know of a legitimate website of YouTube channel that gives real reviews.
I think I’m just going to get the Mous with the tempered glass screen protector and just be done with it… unless someone has a better suggestion.
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2021.10.22 08:53 maki23 SpaceX's SN20 Starship prototype completes its first static fire test

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2021.10.22 08:53 aespaaaa Broken leblanc ruined every game on this worlds, even a passive one like Chovy was overpower, in every match a leblanc was there making a huge influence

Broken leblanc ruined every game on this worlds, even a passive one like Chovy was overpower, in every match a leblanc was there making a huge influence
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxSe4jXOKaI
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2021.10.22 08:53 lokemon_35 I have an unhealthy obsession with Kusshi senpai. Also, can someone translate the text?

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2021.10.22 08:53 Jonmetzler_595 Am I wrong?

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