Checking on Missing Feature and Workaround

With that being said, let us know in the comments below if the above workaround did the job for you. Also, be sure to check out our related stories about the removal of the “go to channel” feature from live chat, AS-10 error, and our dedicated YouTube bug tracker. A sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX. Sites we like. ... The company has even provided a workaround, which involves setting up accounts as Exchange accounts, but that won’t work ... A simple trick with only 3 steps to open applications on Mac osx Big Sur and other OSXwhich report : - "you do not have permission to open the application... A workaround is a bypass of a recognized problem or limitation in a system or policy. A workaround is typically a temporary fix that implies that a genuine solution to the problem is needed. But workarounds are frequently as creative as true solutions, involving outside the box thinking in their creation.. Typically they are considered brittle in that they will not respond well to further ... A Workaround for Accessing Hyper-V Tools. ... <p>I tried to download the RSAT to fix the issue of my missing hyper enabling feature. However, it says that since October 2018, it is no longer ... There is a workaround for the issue, and it is quite easy to apply. All that needs to be done is to connect the USB printer to the PC and power it on before Windows is started. If that is done, Windows will recognize the USB printer and printing functionality as well as other functionality provided by the printer is available during the session. Microsoft warns: This Windows 10 workaround to cure Lenovo ThinkPad BSODs hits security. Lenovo ThinkPad users can disable a Windows 10 security feature to avoid BSODs, but Microsoft warns against it. In this guide, we show you a workaround to repair the "Reset this PC" feature on devices running the Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 Update). Microsoft disclosed a new remote code execution vulnerability in Windows recently that is using the Windows Print Spooler. The vulnerability is actively exploited and Microsoft published two workarounds to protect systems from being attacked. The provided information is insufficient, as Microsoft does not even disclose the versions of Windows that are affected by the security issue. Question 7: How we can disable file Windows File Browser from user roles & can we disable this feature as a workaround? Answer: Disabling the Windows File Browser under the Admin UI cannot be used as a workaround. Please import the Workaround-2105.xml under PCS as a workaround.

2021.10.22 10:25 Giggmaster Checking on Missing Feature and Workaround

I was evaluating upNote and I can tell so far I am impressed with simplicity and speed ! For my usage I guess the only feature missing to really switch compared to other tools is a way to take photos of document, but not as a regular photo but scanning, cropping or rotating docs inside photos !
To all : How you are all doing this today? using something like Office Lens and then import to UpNote?
To Upnote Team: I am wondering if this is something in the plans to simplify my workflow.
Thank you !
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2021.10.22 10:25 l0stkitten711 how my fiancé eats his pizza..

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2021.10.22 10:25 JosZo What are the language differences between North and South Korean?

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2021.10.22 10:25 hartgeman Korean auntie gives lessons in how to spank

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2021.10.22 10:25 transginger21 À gauche toute: enquête sur la mainmise culturelle de l’audiovisuel public

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2021.10.22 10:25 ErMike2005 This is my seventh day praying for someone make me the gleipnir-based skin

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2021.10.22 10:25 xxCirice Finally got a 5 star on an Extreme song

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2021.10.22 10:25 WistfulKitty Has anyone entered the UK with an EU ID card after Octbker 1st? says UK residents with presettled and settled status are still allowed to enter the country with an EU ID card until 2025, but how well is it working in practice?

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2021.10.22 10:25 StillaCentristin2021 Powerful Bomb Cyclone will end Fire Season for the Year and Bring Much Rain, Possibly Flooding to the West and Northwest and Other Parts of the U.S.

Three Powerful Storms Headed to West Coast
Trio of storms to parade through West Coast, shut down wildfire season A powerful bomb cyclone developed over the northern Pacific Wednesday night into Thursday morning. The massive storm will be the catalyst that ushers in storm after storm to the West Coast through next Tuesday, unleashing nearly 2 feet of rain in some areas and up to several feet of snow over the mountains. Even though the precipitation is much needed across the drought-stricken region, it could lead to serious flooding, mudslides and significant threats to lives and property.
As the storm train began, gale warnings, high wind warnings and advisories and flash flood warnings were in effect from Northern California through Washington on Thursday.
But the storm won't be all bad news.
"This rainfall is coming about a month ahead of average and will be very welcome in fighting the remaining fires, particularly in Northern California," AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jon Porter said. "Repeated storms delivering such copious rainfall will have a major effect on the wildfire season - effectively ending the wildfire season from Northern California northward," Porter added.
More, including a wonderful satellite photo at the link at the top of this post....
"Batten down the hatches...."
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2021.10.22 10:25 Own-Refrigerator1010 Girantina raid. 8692 1493 1820

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2021.10.22 10:25 Bakkeldi_Z Anyone have my last bronze

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2021.10.22 10:25 mobtkr Wolf Eye Studios’ recent Twitter activity suggests that a release date for its upcoming immersive sim could be announced soon.

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2021.10.22 10:25 unknowmgirl Galactic Federation "This is A Matter Of Urgency" Prepare For Big Revelations: Background People (2021)

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2021.10.22 10:25 kamelpeitsche Success Rate (left) and Proportion of Users with a College Degree (right) on the dating platform I hope the person who created these feels bad.

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2021.10.22 10:25 Aglorius3 Switching a mod list from stable branch to experimental

I installed the Kenshi Hardcore collection last eve and am so happy to be back into this game. I forgot it's charm. It's running pretty well after applying some of the performance guide by u/SCARaw (thanks!), But then I read that the experimental branch performs better, and has rendering for DISTANT BUILDINGS. This is a big deal for me.
So I'm wondering if it's generally safe to opt into the experimental branch with a pretty huge mod list. I'm pretty sure the Universal Wasteland Expansion mods are experimental branch only, so I'm a bit concerned about cross compatibility in the other direction.
Be safe out there :)
Side note: I gifted this game to a friend yesterday. Don't think I've paid full/almost full price for a game since.. hell idk. But it's worth it in every regard.
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2021.10.22 10:25 a_ntevasin Bloating, gas, how long to adjust post insertion?

Hi all, I got my copper IUD put in five days ago on the last day of my period. The procedure went smoothly (hurt a little but I was expecting extreme pain) Since then I had some cramps and general feeling of discomfort in my womb area but it was manageable with rest and ibuprofen. I wasnt on any other contraception prior and stopped the pill 2 years ago.
The cramps / discomfort has disappeared now, but I am left feeling extremely bloated and keep feeling gassy (burping, passing wind, generally feeling gassy within my whole body if that makes sense) and I feel too uncomfortable to go out, socialise, etc. I also feel a little brain foggy. It's only been 5 days so I was riding it out, until last night I woke up around 2am just feeling so bloated and like I had trapped gas in my system. I managed to book a doctor call through my health insurance app at 4am (otherwise I'd have to wait until 7pm this evening) and the doctor said I need to be seen immediately as the copper coil does not cause bloating. He said that if my doctors surgery doesnt offer me an in person appointment today (here in London they are mostly virtual unless urgent) that I need to go to A&E (ER in the US) This didnt seem right (and I'd seen the posts on here from people also experiencing bloating at first) so I called the sexual health clinic where I got the coil fitted at 9am and a doctor called me back. He has scheduled a coil check for Monday morning and took me through some questions. He said it's not that common to experience bloating on the copper IUD but it can happen and I may need a few more days to adjust, but he didnt see any emergency/ that I should take it out and that they would check everything Monday.
I guess my question for this community is - did anyone feel similar with the extreme / trapped gas and feeling like you aren't up to leaving the house? How long did it last for? The doctor has reassured me that I don't need immediate medical advice and I havent had the coil for long but wondering if there is anything I can do to relieve the discomfort other than stay on the sofa with a hot water bottle
Thanks so much!!
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2021.10.22 10:25 Disastrous-Swim-9459 Thank you for 1k. Tonight at 8pm Billionaire NFTs Live Airdrop

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2021.10.22 10:25 alphabetisover I’m so excited

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2021.10.22 10:25 cakee_ru App shortcut to drawer list

Is there a way to move app shortcut (long-press app) to application drawer (swipe up)? I need to use one shortcut quite often, but I don't want to put anything on my home screen, so I'd like it to be next to and app in drawer. Sadly, app doesn't have separate activity for that to setup gesture. And shortcut functionality is buried deep in app.
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2021.10.22 10:25 VeNoticiasfnn #VeNoticias #Viernes #22Octubre #Resumen #Noticias #venezolanas #noticiero #venezolano #2021 #venoticias.fnn #Barinas #Venezuela Edición N° 753 Año N° 2. El 22 de octubre es el 295° día del año en el calendario gregoriano. Quedan 70 días para terminar el año 2021.

#VeNoticias #Viernes #22Octubre #Resumen #Noticias #venezolanas #noticiero #venezolano #2021 #venoticias.fnn #Barinas #Venezuela Edición N° 753 Año N° 2. El 22 de octubre es el 295° día del año en el calendario gregoriano. Quedan 70 días para terminar el año 2021. submitted by VeNoticiasfnn to VeNoticiasfnn [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 10:25 cucumber_69 Enter The Jungle, Gangster Gorillas NFT & Play 2 Earn Shooter Game are doing a Free NFT and Whitelist give away right now, rules below

I have the pleasure to present a new project called Gangster Gorillas . Gangster Gorillas are a collection of 10,028 hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFTs living in the Sol Jungle Ecosystem on the Solana Blockchain. Each Gorilla has unique random traits generated from well over a million possible combinations.
Key points:
• 10,028 Algorithmically Generated NFT's
• 200+ dope attributes
• Passive income for holders
Enter The Jungle, Gangster Gorillas are doing a Free NFT and Whitelist give away Now Enter Below

  1. Follow Their Twitter :
  2. like & RT
  3. Tag 5 friends
  4. Join Their Discord
About the project:
Enter The Jungle is a NFT collection of multiple different animal species & extra terrestrial life forms living within the Sol Jungle. Our first edition features the Gangster Gorillas, These same Gorillas and their NFTs will play a major roll in our Gangster Gorilla Play 2 Earn first person mobile shooter game that will run on The Jungle token. All NFT holders will also receive royalties. The Gangster Gorillas migrated deep into the Sol Jungle over 808 years ago, with over 200 traits and 10,028 limited edition NFT gorillas. These Gorillas guard all the precious gold and gems within the Sol Jungle, including one of the most rarest colored pink blood diamonds ever found. They’re in constant battle with the other primates and species living within the Sol Jungles Ecosystem. They’re the most ferocious Gorillas you will ever encounter, equipped with military grade weapons and specialize in hand to hand combat. If you enter their territory expect a fight that won’t subside until death. Enter The Jungle to learn more.
Guys dyor am not a financial advisor.
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2021.10.22 10:25 Orangeslices213 Don't ask

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2021.10.22 10:25 e_lizz Got charged by an oryx while there.

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2021.10.22 10:25 Bobo_Balde2 How the hell do I prepare for a job interview? (Professional services - audit)

I am an adult, a mature student and frankly I have never had a meaningful job in my life. Getting a job interview is exciting but a little bit terrifying. How the hell do I go about preparing for a competency-based interview?
Should I write out an entire Word document/Spreadsheet with questions and answers? Like 100+?
What do you guys/gals do to prepare?
Any help appreciated. I'd heard of the STAR technique; nightmare for me.
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2021.10.22 10:25 ijjgiafjidfai I have new desk job employees who have been given a computer. They also set up their laptop on their desk. I don't see any reason for them to have a personal device at their desk. Thoughts?

If you need your office computer reconfigured, ask. I think that should be good enough as I don't want to police what it is they are doing on their device and it's likely not work related.
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