bi4k7 nfs5f fz2sb i9fek hr393 b5es4 8ya27 7bdn6 izr8b thb3n n96d8 ye432 s2fsk bknf4 hsk3n rf2s8 b7879 6reye 5b6at ed7yi z649y Is this new or old (I started not to long ago) |

Is this new or old (I started not to long ago)

2021.12.08 00:04 Zeno_The_King Is this new or old (I started not to long ago)

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2021.12.08 00:04 nickmango10 “Bob’s Burgers“ for Bob’s paradise house

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2021.12.08 00:04 AlwaysCDXX 🦥 Go check us out today. Few sloths 🦥 making some kick ass NFTs.

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2021.12.08 00:04 Cfitz0429 Eli5- How do you differentiate between meningitis and encephalitis in an ER?

I’m a midwifery student and am currently trying to survive my episodic illness course. I know that I’ll be writing up the plan as if it is a likely meningitis case. However, I have to explain why a number of other differentials are incorrect, including unspecified encephalitis. What are the main objective findings that differentiate these two diagnoses (lack of seizures?…)? Do diagnostics need to be run or is the decision based on clinical judgement? 😬 Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.08 00:04 VictorPanem5 What are some policies which could promote the extended family?

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2021.12.08 00:04 Noober617 WIP Doomguy kit

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2021.12.08 00:04 here2learn4life How did you know it was time to stop?

I first tried cannabis in adulthood in recreational states. I decided to get my medical card, which trying to use responsibly for several "qualifying conditions." I found leaves and wonder if any of you would be willing to answer questions from a reddit and new user.
What do you with you knew when you first started using How? How did you know it was time to stop? Do you consider yourself to be addicted? How much were you using, how often, how long, what form? Do you think it has medical or mental health benefits for anyone? Did you use regulated the products from a dispensary? Do you think it's possible to use responsibly? Do you think age starting matters?
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2021.12.08 00:04 blokay_da_hech About a month ago I made a school bag out of a microwave. If y'all express enough interest I'll do it again but with a whole ass refrigerator this time.

About a month ago I made a school bag out of a microwave. If y'all express enough interest I'll do it again but with a whole ass refrigerator this time. submitted by blokay_da_hech to teenagers [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 00:04 Acti0n9809 W: AAE25/AAE90 flamers, VE90 gp, QE15 laser or other useful and rare-ish legacy offers H: legacy bundles offers

AAE15vcf cyrolator 1
AAE50 laser rifle 3
AAE tesla 4
AAE25 radium rifle 1
BEFR dragon legacy range/damage
BE25 gauss rifle 9
BE90 radium rifle 2
BE25 tesla rifle 3
BE25 uc laser rifle 3
BE25 flamer 3
BE+A cyrolator 1
BE50 cyrolator 2
BE15FR gatling plasma 6
BE15FR laser rifle 6
BE25 gatling laser 1
BE+A gatling laser 7
BE50 head 1
DE gatling plasma 3
FE25 flamer 2
FE laser rifle Lv5 4
IE laser rifle 2
JE250 flamer 2
JE250 cyro 1
JE25 flamer 2
JE+A laser rifle 5
JE laser rifle 1
JE250 uc laser rifle 1
JE+P gatling plasma 7
QE+P assaultron head 5
QE15FR tesla rifle 1
QE25 fixer
QE+A harpoon 1
QE ultracite laser rifle 1
QE50 laser rifle 4
TSEFMSWA assaultron head 13
TSE50 laser rifle 1
TSE gauss rifle 1
TSE tesla 1
TSE uc laser rifle 1
TSEFM dragon legacy range 1
TSE90 gatling laser 2
VE25 gatling plasma 1
VE laser rifle 2
BE25 gauss rifle
TSEFM head
AS50vhc15fr railway rifle
AAE25 combat shotgun
AA2525 handmade
AAE90 minigun
AA50vc25 hunting rifle
AA2590 .45 smg
AAE15fr lmg
AA50vc15vcf fixer
AAE15fr western revolver
AA2515fr minigun
AA25aim15fr missile launcher
AA50vc15fr flamer
AA25aim50 minigun
AA50vhc250 enclave plasma w. reflex and stabilized stock and align automatic barrel
AAE15fr railway rifle
Ari2525 plasma rifle
Ari50vhc15vcf plasma rifle
Ari2525 enclave plasmathrower fully modded
AriE90 lmg
AriE15fr lmg x2
Ari50vhc15fr fixer
AriE25 lmg
Ari2515fr lmg
B2525 10mm smg
B50vch25 plasma rifle
B2525 handmade
B2550% fixer
B50vhc15fr tesla rifle
B25aim15fr lmg
B50c25 tesla rifle
B2515FR handmade
BE50% railway rifle
BE90 lmg
BE90 minigun
BE25 10mm smg
B50vc15vcf gamma gun
B25aim90 gamma gun
B2515fr gatling gun
B2590 combat shotgun
B2590 gatling laser
BE25 fixer
B2525 .50 cal
B2515fr .50 cal
B2525 gatling plasma
B2515fr gatling plasma
B50vc250 fixer
BE90 combat shotgun
B2590 .50 cal
B2590 fixer
B50vhc90 gauss rifle
B2515FR tesla
B2525 fixer
BE15vcf 10mm pistol
B50vhc250 fixer
BerE25 assault rifle
Ber50c25 fixer
Ber2515fr pipe rifle
Ber2590 tesla rifle
Exe25aim90 cyro
ExeE15fr fixer
ExeE15fr fixer
Exe50vhc15vcf handmade
Exe2515fr handmade
Exe2515fr hunting rifle
ExeE15fr pumpgun
Exe50vc90 radium rifle
ExeE15fr fixer
Exe2590 10mm smg
Exe50vhc50 fixer
F2525 enclave plasma pistol
GouE90 fixer
IE25 10mm pistol
IE25 assault rifle
IE25 gatling gun
J50vhc25 fixer
J2515fr handmade
J2525 fixer
J2515fr fixer
J2515fr tesla
J2515fr railway rifle
J50vhc15fr cyro
J2525 combat shotgun
J50vc15fr handmade
J50vc15fr flamer
J2515vcf gamma gun
J50vc90 handmade
J50vhc15fr combat rifle
J50vc90 lever action
JE25 railway rifle
J2515fr auto grenade launcher
J2515fr pipe rifle
J2525 handmade
J25ffr90 lmg
J2515fr .50 cal
JE15fr 10mm smg
J2515vcf radium
J50vc90 plasma rifle
J2515fr pumpgun
JE25 handmade
J2515fr tesla
JE15vcf fixer
Jug50vhc15fr fixer
JugE25 lmg
M50vc25 gauss rifle
ME15fr lmg
M2525 fixer
N2515fr flamer
NE25 pipe rifle
NE15fr blackpowder pistol
QE fixer
Q25aim15fr lmg x2
QE15fr combat shotgun
Q2515vcf tesla rifle
Q50vhc15fr ultracite laser rifle
Q50vhc15fr western revolver
Q50vhc+P enclave plasma rifle w automatic barrel and stabilized stock
Q2515fr single action revolver
Q50vc15vcf hunting rifle
Q25FM fixer
QE15r railway rifle
Q50vhc+A fixer
Q25ffrFMSWA lmg
QE handmade
Q50ld15fr gatling plasma
Q50vc15fr fixer
QE90 fixer
Q50vhc25 western revolver
Q2590 flamer
QEGhost lmg
Q2515fr tesla
Q2590 handmade
Q2515fr railway rifle
Q2515fr hunting rifle
St2525 railway rifle
TSE25 handmade
TSE25 combat shotgun
TS2515fr gatling plasma
TS2590 broadsider
TSE15fr lmg
V50vc250 fixer
V2525 lmg
VE15fr 10mm pistol
V50vc15vcf tesla
V2590 gatling laser
V2515fr minigun
V50vc250 railway rifle
V50vc+A railway rifle
V50vhc90 cyro
VE90 handmade
V50c15fr railway rifle
V2515fr 10mm smg
VE90 lmg
ZE15fr minigun
Ari50vc25 switchblade
AriSS15vcf sheepsquatch
BSS+S bear arm
BSS25 super sledge
ExeSS15vcf bear arm
Exe50vc25 sheepsquatch
ExeSS90 sheepsquatch
ISS+A tenderizer
ISS+S sickle
JSS+S multi purpose ax
JSS90 sheepsquatch
JSS+S fire ax
VSS50% tenderizer
Jetpack ultracite LA Assasins/Ap regen/Weapon weight reduced
Jetpack ultracite RA
Van/Agi/Sent T51 RL
All old rare fastnacht masks
Red asylum dress
Emmet mountain hazmat suit
Full clean Spacesuit outfit
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2021.12.08 00:04 Mr_Tominaga Me🔥irl

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2021.12.08 00:04 Shop-S-Mart89 King of the druids

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2021.12.08 00:04 amaciak1 Best shoes for OTF!?!

What shoes is everyone loving for OTF? I’m in the market for a new pair, something supportive enough for running but also good for floor training. Thanks y’all!
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2021.12.08 00:04 BoxAdditional7103 Yo mom joke funneh pls laugh
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2021.12.08 00:04 555889999 Suerte

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2021.12.08 00:04 businessyndicate Clearview AI is closer to getting a US patent for its facial recognition technology

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2021.12.08 00:04 thepolishpen Somewhere between Bozeman and Butte, Montana

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2021.12.08 00:04 107202 Blurry pic but I like it

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2021.12.08 00:04 GlitchyDev What do I need to put on my Flash to be able to roadkill for the directive? Which ornament?

Any ideas?
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2021.12.08 00:04 Moraine5 how do i move dead by daylight files from steam to epic games?

how do i move dead by daylight files from steam to epic games? I've tried using the same method to move gta v from steam to epic games but that doesn't work
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2021.12.08 00:04 bleachspot Religious people of reddit, how do you feel about atheism?

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2021.12.08 00:04 yourmommy69lol My first successful grow (thanks so much to this community for guidance)

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2021.12.08 00:04 AustinIsGrumpy What should I use instead of contenteditable?

I've read recently that using contenteditable (CE) tends to be a bad practice. I am working on an app in which you can edit an item's text by clicking directly on it (hence the CE) and update on the off click. What is a better way of going about this while still maintaining that functionality? Thank you!
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2021.12.08 00:04 ultrahl [Searching] TH 13 | Level 172 | Chief Wompum | Clan Lvl 15+ | Competitive/Farming

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2021.12.08 00:04 pmel43 [Xbox] [H] 15 Black Market blueprints [W] 600 Credits

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2021.12.08 00:04 Imhere4doge TD17 tone not balanced. Common things that make this happen?

Got a TD17 and love it. But here’s my question. I have to CRANK the bass tone control to get the bass drum and floor tom to really come through the sub. So my tone controls look like treble at 12 o clock, bass all the way up, and volume all the way up. I mean, it sounds fine. But I would like to know the why. My subs are very responsive to house music, we’ve done a Smaart EQ of the room, the system sounds great, and everything sounds clear, but I have to really crank the bass on the module to get it to sound normal through the system. Any idea what could be making it feel this way? I feel like my bass tone control cranked up to 5 o clock sounds like it should be sitting at about 12 o clock.
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