What food item at the grocery store is a total ripoff?

This item: 6 Individual Trays of Nature's Recipe Chicken Recipe in Broth Wet Dog Food, 2.75 oz ea $20.77 ($3.46/trays of 2.75 oz ea) Usually ships within 6 days. Want justice!? Report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product here. The Ripoff Report allows you a central place to enter complaints about companies or individuals who are fraudulent, scamming or ripping people off. Our reports cover every category imaginable! Submit your story on our web site for free, for millions to see. Burger King accredited the reintroduction of the Big King as helping the company regain a limited domestic same-store comparable sales rise of 0.1% in 2014 over a 0.9% loss the previous fiscal year. At the same time the company's total sales were up 2%, with adjusted earnings per share increasing 19.7% to $0.20 per share. This item is non-returnable, but if the item arrives damaged or defective, you may request a refund or replacement. Read full return policy New (5) from $22.91 & FREE Shipping This service attracted a lot of negative reviews on sites like Ripoff Reports. Toward the end of 2017, he attempted to clean up his additions (Adrin10) to the rogeting article. These were reverted by other editors. Last year, he tried to propose the rogeting article for quick deletion. This was reverted by another editor. Answer: If you really want a particular item, we suggest you simply purchase that item. The Mysterious Box of Mystery changes often, and it's meant to be a surprise. We strive to ensure that the retail value of the items included in each box exceeds what you have paid for the box. Sour Cream Streusel Homemade Coffee Cake. Happy birthday to meeee! It’s not actually my birthday, it’s The Food Charlatan’s birthday! Eight years ago I published my first recipe here on this little blog. I called it “The Food Charlatan” because I didn’t know how to cook really at all.

2021.12.08 00:25 Wolfir What food item at the grocery store is a total ripoff?

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2021.12.08 00:25 saveadanceforme Give me any album and i’ll rate that shit out of 10.

Any album.
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2021.12.08 00:25 Bernie_Ecclestone Lauren Boebert - US Representative

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2021.12.08 00:25 Panda_Mew Damn!!! 🔥They look so good 😍 (I don't ship them, just wanna see them together in other works) #Luxuoth

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2021.12.08 00:25 notjusttheirmama Lying husband is generally kind and helpful

6 months ago I was ready to leave my husband for his lying but he convinced me not to by making promises he hasn't kept. When I try to talk about it he deflects, blame shifts, changes the subject, denies, lies, and gaslights me. When I am not confronting him our life is mostly peaceful except for the loneliness and lack of connection I feel. But mostly we get along.
Lies he has told involve where he is and what he's doing. He has lied about going to the arcade, drinking, drinking and driving ( many years ago), smoking, playing video games, etc. I didn't even know he was a smoker until we'd been together for 2 years and living together for months. I felt like such an idiot believing him for so long when he made up excuses like that he was checking the mail, taking out the garbage, making a phone call, or helping the elderly neighbors, or that the cigarette butts on the ground were from his friend.
He lies when there is absolutely no reason to lie and will fabricate stories to make himself seem like a better person. He even lied to me about going to therapy when I told him if he didn't go I would leave him for all the lies. I don't trust him to tell the truth ever. He's responsible, kind, and helpful in general, but I hate being married to a liar. I'm anxious all the time. I used to be a single mom for a long time and it was so hard. I don't want to go back to that, and I have a baby with him. But it eats me up all the time. He promises to change, but there's always another lie to catch him in. I've given him permission to do whatever he wants to do. It's not his behavior that I can't tolerate, it's the dishonesty. I just want him to tell the truth. Bit he will literally call me up and tell me a lie for no apparent reason, when I wasn't even questioning his actions. It really breaks my heart but I don't feel like I can leave. Therapy helped a little bit when we went together, but he was dishonest and tried to make himself look good to the therapist. He promised to go to therapy on his own. He lied that he made an appointment. Then he did go to a few appointments and stopped going. I know he doesn't want me to leave him but it also doesn't seem like he's going to change. If I caught him cheating I would leave, but it's never been quite that bad. I want him to change but it doesn't seem like he's going to.
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2021.12.08 00:25 Imran_KhanLover18 Opinions on this website?

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2021.12.08 00:25 tusketweather Currently

Conditions observed at 11:00PM | Temp: 0.6°C | Dew point: -3.9°C | Humidity: 72.0﹪| Wind: NW 3.1 gust 13.0km/h | Rainfall: 4.0mm | Pressure: 1020.4hPa | #Tusket #Canada #WX
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2021.12.08 00:25 SugarUnable Bun bun announcement

BUN-BUN: I've come to make an announcement: Zalgo's a bitch-ass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking wife. That's right, he took his ELDRITCH fuckin' quilly dick out... Little Girl: Mommy? BUN-bun: -and he pissed on my fucking wife, and he said his dick was "THIS BIG", and I said, "That's disgusting!" So I'm making a callout post on my Twitter dot com. Zalgo, you got a small dick! It's the size of this walnut except for WAY smaller! And guess what? Here's what my dong looks like! [BUN-bun makes explosion noises as the Eclipse Cannon is revealed] Bun-bun: That's right, baby! All points, no quills, no pillows, look at that, it looks like two balls and a bong! [the rest of the dubbers are dying with laughter] Bun-bun: He fucked my wife, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck the Earth! [the Eclipse Cannon fires] Bun-bun: That's right, this is what you get, my SUPER LASER PISS! Except I'm not gonna piss on the Earth, I'm gonna go higher. I'm pissing on the MOON! [the laser hits the moon] Bun-bun: HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, OBAMA? I PISSED ON THE MOON, YOU IDIOT! [the dubbers continue to laugh as the camera pans up to a countdown clock on the jumbo-tron] Bun-bun: You have 23 hours before the piss DRRRROPLLLETS hit the fucking Earth! Now get out of my fucking sight, before I piss on you too!
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2021.12.08 00:25 Ghosteez0 Help finding an old flash game

I need help finding a set of older flash games. There was a sequel where you battled shadow Pokemon and they each had their own storyline. It was made to look like the HeartGold and SoulSilver games and if anyone has any idea of what I'm talking about that would be great!
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2021.12.08 00:25 BestPirateEver Tons of freebies!!

Couple hundred freebies on my beach - redoing my island so please forgive any mess. You’re welcome to shake trees, pick flowers, shop stores, talk to whomever you please. All I ask is please don’t dig up the flowers without asking first. I don’t need a thing in return. PM for dodo!
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2021.12.08 00:25 MrBloom001 Spotify Wrapped

It's nice to hear Jamie had so much Tyler on his spotify wrapped, seeing as I have RUNNING OUT OF TIME as my top song and IGOR'S THEME as my 5th
also mad props to James for Nas on his, that's a legendary pick, Illmatic is genuinely top 5 records of all time
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2021.12.08 00:25 Galderman Distance from Spawn

On a server, what is a good rule of thumb for the distance away from spawn to build? We are looking to minimize lag.
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2021.12.08 00:25 LocationBrightSide Database guys / VPN data users?

So I started working over my starlink connection this week after connecting this weekend. Good speeds 140-220. Part of my job is interacting with SQL servers, querying tables, etc. Requires VPN and then there is a live connection between me and the server.
It does not like the new connection. Connection gets dropped a lot, I have to reconnect to server, strange errors. I try RDPing into the servers so it’s only the image being sent over the ‘wire’ vs the actual data. As the session works to maintain a live connection for security reasons, this doesn’t make it too happy. Strange errors sometimes, sometimes won’t let me login.
If I persist it will eventually let me get done more simple processes.
Not connected over WiFi. Starlink running into pre existing Ubiquti powered home network I’ve been using for 18mos.
Is there anything I can do? I had issues early on where it said my Ethernet cable connection was bad but that went away. It feels like the connection is dropping very often.
Dishy McRoundface, probably the last one made
USA 39.40720
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2021.12.08 00:25 HolyMaxarel Am I the only one who hasn’t noticed Edgar’s eyebrows?

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2021.12.08 00:25 yzf600r Asking homeowners to host a miner?

I've identified several properties in my area that will be excellent locations for a miner setup. The only problem: I don't know the homeowners. I'd like to start making offers to pay them for hosting my miner, but I'm not sure how to do it without scaring people away. "I'll pay you $$ per month if you let me install an antenna on your roof" is not a request most people would likely respond favorably to. Anyone here have experience doing this? If so, how did you get buy in from the property owner?
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2021.12.08 00:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [JP] - COVID-19 patients in Japan recovering in robot-staffed hotels | The Japan Times

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2021.12.08 00:25 Dark_Reapper_98 When is PC 2 coming out?

Playstation and Xbox get newer versions of their consoles, (PS 1 2 3 4 5/Xbox, 360, One, Series) When is our turn? Any news? Leaks? Tips? Tricks?
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2021.12.08 00:25 YetiGuy Is there a way to see last week's standing on Yahoo fantasy?

Sorry if this is not the right sub to ask this. I couldn't find it in Yahoo and Google search only points to viewing historic information such as matches and points scored. I want to just see what the standings were last week.
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2021.12.08 00:25 thewrittenjay WWII Novels Overdone?

I've got a cracking story I want to tell, and WWII in Europe seemed a good place to set it...at first. The more I think about it, the more I realize it doesn't really have to be WWII. It could be any shooting war in the last hundred years or so. The war is set dressing, basically. So my question, is WWII a hard sell these days? Would something a slightly less saturated in the literary market, say a novel set in Vietnam or Korea, have more weight or less?
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2021.12.08 00:25 greendoc316 Phoebe Waller-Bridge

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2021.12.08 00:25 Dependent_Ad8749_2 All Weapons And Items In C2 S7.


Pusle Rifle.
Slone's Pulse Rifle.
Recon Scanner.
Rail Gun.
Kymera Ray Gun.
Nuts 'N' Bolts.
Alien Knockback Launcher (Experiment Only)
Alien Nanites.
Zyg And Choppy's Ray Gun.
Plasma Cannon.
Burst Pulse Rifle.
Suppressed Sniper (Rare)


Tactical Shotgun (Common)
Pump Shotgun (Common)
AR (Common)
SMG (Common)
Burst AAug.
Heavy AR.
Rapid Fire SMG.
Suppressed SMG.
Hand Cannon.
Bolt-Action Sniper.
Heavy Bullets.
Lever Action Shotgun.
Launch Pad.
Mounted Turret.
Storm Scout.
Night Hawk.
Hunter's Cloak.
Suppressed Pistol.
Suppressed Sniper.
Suppressed AR.
Bolt-Action Sniper.


Makeshift Bow.
Primal Bow.
Primal Flame Bow.
Primal Stink Bow.
Mechanical Bow.
Mechanical Explosive Bow.
Mechanical Shockwave Bow.
Raz's Explosive Bow.
Grappler Bow.
Unstable Bow.
Makeshift Shotgun.
Primal Shotgun.
Makeshift SMG.
Primal SMG.
Makeshift Pistol.
Primal Pistol.
Makeshift AR.
Primal AR.
Dual Pistols.
Hop Rock Dualies.
Infantry Rifle.
Spire Jump Boots.
Hunter's Cloak.
Stink Flopper.
Vendetta Flopper.
Animal Bones.
Mechanical Parts.
Stink Sac.
Harpoon Gun.
Shockwave Grenade.
Bolt-Action Sniper.
Suppressed Pistol.
Suppressed Sniper.
Suppressed AR.
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2021.12.08 00:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - South Korea ‘webtoon’ firms leverage low-cost stories with potential huge upside | The Japan Times

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2021.12.08 00:25 Tenuta12 Anyone looking for an Org to represent while playing Halo? Let me know we have a home for you Ruthless By Nature is looking for streamers and competitors to represent our org!

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2021.12.08 00:25 FromParadisse Klarion's future

Well, Klarion is my favorite YJ characther, and I certainly have a lot of affection for him, I was very excited when I knew that he would appear in this season and that was what motivated me the most to see it. But after watching the last episode "Odnu!" I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen to him. Especially now that The Child is part of the show, after all, if Klarion "dies" (Because he practically can't die) she would be his perfect replacement in the Light. What do you think? Do you think that if he "died" he could come back somehow? I need to know more opinions about this, after all this years I still haven't gotten over Wally's death, I don't want to deal with the death of another character I like. (Sorry if my English is bad:()
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2021.12.08 00:25 XxGASPxX McCall’s 1851 (1954)

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