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The universe is a vast expanse of space which contains all of everything in existence. The universe contains all of the galaxies, stars, and planets. The exact size of the universe is unknown. Scientists believe the universe is still expanding outward. Go farther. Explore Beyond Our Solar System In Depth › Mariner 10 was a NASA probe whose primary objective was to observe the atmosphere, surface, and physical characteristics of Mercury and Venus.It was a low-cost mission completed for under $98 million. Mariner 10 was launched at 12:45 am EST on November 3, 1973, from Cape Canaveral. Since Mercury is so close to the Sun it was too difficult to incorporate an orbit around Mercury in the route so ...

2021.12.08 00:57 Some-Comfortable5019 Free photo Planets Universe Solar System Mercury Galaxy Venus

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2021.12.08 00:57 7rue7error Connection Issues - Nearly ready to give up

I'm in Canada.. xbox series x, nat type open and matchmaking changed to everywhere (opposed to local)..
I usually play around 9pm MST and can rarely find a game in rivals or champs
Anyone got any suggestions? I really can't be bothered waiting for games.. I constantly get Searching for opponent.
I'm about to give up!
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2021.12.08 00:57 WONKedition "College Planning Resources and Ideas for Tweens and Teens ... test books, college admissions and essay books, and financial aid books. It’s helpful to have it all in one place and a good reminder to tweens and teens that they might want to consider planning now."

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2021.12.08 00:57 redddooot PixelCraft: A Pixel Art Editor

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2021.12.08 00:57 blondeboyy Anyone know what this car is?

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2021.12.08 00:57 BigLittleSmall_MAC What do you think about the bun?

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2021.12.08 00:57 NewsElfForEnterprise Elon Musk says he splits his time between Tesla and SpaceX depending on the 'crisis of the moment'

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2021.12.08 00:57 Duffleman0609 Barkov’s injury is “something new,” per Bruno. “A little tweak” not related to his previous injury.

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2021.12.08 00:57 North_Ad_4609 Is it time to start buying OTRK as it turns the corner?

OTRK has lost over 90% of its SP just this year from 90 a share to 5 due to bad management. Sadly the CEO or former CEO just so happens to be the founder of the company and majority owner. During his time OTRK managed to lost 3 major customers (Aetna (CVS), Cigna…) who accounted for a huge chunk of their revenues. And most Obvious results were Share price dropping from 90s to current 5s and short sellers pounding on it. It`s fair to say shorts have been having a field day.
Since then lots of great things have taken place within OTRK for better-Reorganization,
1. Terren Peizer, former CEO and founder (still owns ~ 50% of the company) fired himself and hires Mayhew from CVS Health, (AETNA) vice president and Chief Transformation Officer, a high profile hiring of person with deep industry knowledge. Mayhew also held leadership roles at Cigna. Also this is a major boost in their pursued to regain Aetna business. Analysts bullish on this hiring for the long term.
2. Mayhew hires Osbourne from CVS Health, Aetna- was in charge of growth and expansion of multibillion dollar government and commercial. She is now in charge of driving accelerated growth and expansion at OTRK.
Mayhew has built a great leadership team with outstanding experience in contrast to Peizer and the most current hiring should secure few contracts.
3. Mayhew Hires Dr. Accordino as chief medical officer, faculty at Harvard Medical School. Last year Dr. Accordino was named TOP 25 Emerging Leaders by Modern Healthcare. CEO Mayhew from Q3 report 11/4/21: 1. “Sales pipeline Accelerating and Advancing with 3 of the Nation`s larger health Plans” Is OTRK regaining lost contracts/ revenues from CVS, AETNA and Cigna? It sure sounds like that. They announced the first one today. Financial details not included but 3 year contract. 2. “In advance Discussions with 4 employer organizations and several providers…currently exchanging data and creating financial models.” Imminent contracts will quadruple OTRK. Mayhew “I feel confident that the company is well positioned to return to historical growth rates”
OTRK is projected to make 82-86 M this year from existing health plan customers. “This outlook solely represents existing and planned enrollment launches and program expansions with current health plan partners”
Outstanding shares 19M, Peizer owns 9M shares and it leaves the float at 10M. Short sellers have about 30 % of that float. 75M cash on hand and continues to pay dividend on pref. shares.
OTRK is a good company that went through bad management and it looks like it's finally turning the corner and the new leadership is righting the ship. As the contracts come in, the share price won't stay here for long.
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2021.12.08 00:57 WarriorsAction Erwins charge was cool but dumb

Ive read a lot of debates on this and nah man listen up…. They should have just scaled the dam wall and force the beast titan to climb over and get killed by levi while climbing…….. obviously reiner could cause problems there but we had eren and the other squad dealing with them on that side….. Oh and i heard that it would be suicide either way to losing the horses and struggling to make it back thru titan territory…. Thats more dumb bs because cant they share horses? Um cant eren carry a bunch of scouts in titan form? And okay say it was too hard… they coulda chilled for a few days and utilize armins titan to assist eren clearing a path for the scouts to return….. It was simply all for plot cuz if erwin lived he woulda destroyed marley with his typical genius.
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2021.12.08 00:57 Strict_Casual Anyone else feeling EXCITED about Side Bags™️

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2021.12.08 00:57 ISSUEDF Educación

Buenas noches, por favor podrían ayudarme comentando alguna problemática que identifican en la educación en tiempos de pandemia / puede no ser relacionado a eso. Agradecería mucho cualquier idea
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2021.12.08 00:57 jesscubby What is your holiday tradition?

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2021.12.08 00:57 anditcounts The GOAT, and some guy from Texas

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2021.12.08 00:57 SeaActivity6336 Relationship

Me and my partner have been togeather for 3 years and lately it seems like they don’t put no effort into our relationship anymore, they never text me first, they never start convos first and when we call they are silent the entire time unless I say something first, idk what to do and I love them so much, what would y’all do?
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2021.12.08 00:57 ohdamnyourarat I’m kinda turned off by all this, I say this as someone whose has watched the series since it started.

I’m happy they got funding, and can continue the show….some of you haven’t even seen the trial. You’re just circlejerking the elections it seems.
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2021.12.08 00:57 ch3esey Any idea why the right side of the screen looks like that? How can I fix it? I know it’s a Samsung tv but I don’t know which one.

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2021.12.08 00:57 Ken_Mcnutt Partitioning using the archinstall script on new Windows 11 machine.

Hello, I recently received a new Dell XPS 13 9510 with Windows 11 preinstalled (of course).
As soon as I got it, I fired it up, signed in, and updated the firmware. I booted into the BIOS (which was extremely finnicky for some reason) and disabled Secure Boot. After manually enabling my Wi-Fi connection (I've only run the script in VMs so this step was new) I'm able to start the script.
By far the step that trips me up during every arch install is the partitioning. There's a lot of pre-existing partitions here, and I've made the mistake before of accidentally nuking the wrong partition and practically bricking a machine.
HERE are images of my current partition layout, apologies for the dumb photo...

I'm not sure why there's 5 defined partitions, and I need to make absolutely sure what I'm allowed to delete and overwrite without harming anything. Especially the BitLocker partition, is that important? It tried to prevent me from booting at all since I disabled secureboot, so I don't want to somehow delete my partitions while stuff is still encrypted?
If someone could provide the minimum partition table that would give me a single boot Arch setup with GRUB, I would be infinitely grateful
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